Sisters.me is about Women, our power to choose, to live and spend out time as we like. We bring you what today’s Women want to know about. It can be fashion, gadgets, life hacks, tips, tricks, health and peace. We only write about what our editors can experience or personally like themselves and not something researched from thin air. As a result, we may purchase or be sent items related to the review.

Our reviews are never biased and irrespective of whether the product has been sent to us or bought by us to review, the outcome is always a fair evaluation. If there is a sponsor, we disclose that clearly in the article.

We also love to write about intangible things, like yoga, peace, health and well being. Most of these are subjective and the authors very own point of view. So you can be rest assured, that you will gain more insights into the subject at the very least.

So be it Nootropics, overall health or fashion, be sure to keep checking out sisters.me as we are going to talk something interesting about every topic here. For any queries you can write to: inquiries@sisters.me or use the contact form.

Our Team:

 Aneeta S Wess  -Ayurveda expert
Aneeta is a certified Ayurveda advisor and writes on herbs and minerals like Ashwagandha and Shilait based products. She also writes on the spiritual aspects of the brain. Her favorite place to spend time is to go hunting for herbs in India’s Madhya Pradesh! She often finds time to speak to old herb gatherers in places like patalkot.
Dr. James Owens -The doctor in house!
Dr. Owens is our expert in nootropics advice. He does all the research and puts together the best performing recommendations. He has over 15 years of experience in advising people on neurological issues that has helped countless patients avoid surgeries. He can be found enjoying his time in his huge gardens in Spain where he is based.